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The next steps when walking turns from healthy to hazardous

While using the sidewalk as a primary means of travel may come with a variety of potential benefits, it isn't always an option, especially in areas with colder climates. However, with warmer weather year-round in California, you might be able to take advantage of your ability to walk from place to place every day.

Although walking may come with its own set of positives, there is an inherent downside, as you have much less in the way of protective barriers to shield you from a collision. However, if you take the time to better understand the risks you might encounter as a pedestrian, you could become better prepared to stay safe.

Safety is key for pedestrians

Accidents involving pedestrians run the unfortunate risk of proving disastrous, and as such, you likely consider it vital to know the steps to take to avoid a potentially hazardous scenario. Some tips to help you prepare to stay safe while walking near traffic may include:

  • Awareness is key: Having awareness of your surroundings could prove essential to spotting a possible hazard in time to move out of the way. As such, steering clear of distractions while walking is likely in your best interests.
  • Intersections can be dangerous: Crossing the street can be dangerous, even if you are within the confines of a crosswalk. Upon approaching an intersection, you may find it advisable to be vigilant in looking both ways before proceeding.
  • Being visible is vital: Since you are inherently much smaller and harder to see than a motor vehicle, finding ways to be more visible could prove imperative, such as wearing bright clothing.
  • Assumptions could prove deadly: Assuming a driver will stop and heed right of way is never advisable and can be dangerous. Prior to crossing in front of a car, you should make eye contact with nearby drivers and ensuring they are aware of your presence.

While you may wish to take every possible measure to stay safe while walking, unfortunately, your safety lies in part with the drivers around you. Should a driver's negligent actions leave you with serious injuries, you might be wondering about the next steps to take.

When collisions occur

Pedestrian-related collisions can have cataclysmic consequences, and if a car hits you, the chances you may suffer serious harm in the process are substantial. Following the crash, you might be wondering about your available options for legal recourse, and it could be in your best interests to speak with someone with experience in such intricate matters. This type of advice could place you in a better position to pursue the restitution you deserve through a personal injury claim against the party deemed at fault.

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