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Long-term brain injuries may develop in split-second car accident

When you set out on the highway to begin your day, you naturally believe that your day will be relatively ordinary. However, you quickly find yourself with a pounding headache after a car strikes your vehicle. All of a sudden, your day has become anything but ordinary as a result of a negligent fellow driver.

Brain injuries can easily occur in a California car accident, and unfortunately, they may disrupt your life both temporarily and long term. Here is a glimpse at what you need to know about brain injuries.


Traumatic brain injuries can take many forms, with concussions being one of them. In fact, a concussion is the most common brain injury type and is a result of a direct impact to your head. If you suffered a concussion, you may have also lost consciousness at the time of the accident. However, those who suffer concussions do not necessarily always lose consciousness as a result. Some signs of a concussion include a foggy mind, confusion and dizziness.


Like concussions, contusions are the result of a direct impact to your head. A contusion is basically a localized bleeding in your brain. A doctor might have to remove your contusion because if a blood clot forms in the area, this can be fatal.

Penetration injuries

This is yet another type of traumatic brain injury. However, this particular type of injury happens when a sharp object enters your brain. With a penetration injury, you may lose brain tissue, or you may suffer from the rupturing, shearing and tearing of your accessory tissue. Even if this injury does not end up being fatal, it might cause major long-term effects.

Diffuse axonal injuries

These types of injuries result from severe shaking. This can cause your brain structures to tear, as your skull is essentially shearing your brain's edges. Symptoms of these types of brain injuries include olfactory disruption, motor sensation disruption, memory disruption and motor function disruption.

Your rights as a brain injury accident victim

If another person has caused you to suffer a brain injury in a car accident due to his or negligence behind the wheel, you have the right to seek monetary compensation for your injury. A successfully fought personal injury claim might lead to a monetary award that may help you to cover your ongoing medical costs and other losses you have suffered in connection with your brain injury.

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