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Has your crash caused long-term pain and suffering?

Car accidents in Orange County happen frequently, and although there can be a variety of factors that cause crashes, negligence of some sort is often to blame. If you have to cope with the consequences of a distracted or impaired driver's actions, you may have questions about the recovery you may seek.

Car accident victims may typically pursue recovery of medical expenses, lost income and other financial losses. However, pain and suffering could form a significant part of your damages, but how would you quantify it?

Determining damages for pain and suffering

For a valid personal injury claim, you must have suffered injuries. However, some suits allow claims for pain and suffering for the period immediately after the accident and often for the future suffering of mental and physical pain. The jury will consider the following aspects when putting a monetary value on such a claim:

  • Type and severity of the injury: If your injury is severe and the doctor's prognosis indicates prolonged debilitation, the jury might award pain and suffering compensation.
  • Severity of suffering: If the nature of your injuries cause long-term suffering such as chronic headaches or back pain, an award for suffering is more likely than for a condition that causes no more than discomfort.
  • Your age: Your age will determine the length of time that you will likely endure pain. For example, if you suffered a traumatic brain injury, your award will be higher if you are a teenager who will have many years of suffering, as compared to a victim in his or her 60s.
  • Mental suffering: You may also claim damages for mental suffering and anguish. This type of claim is more challenging to prove, and successful claims typically involve physical injuries that lead to psychological suffering.

Where can you turn for support and guidance?

The circumstances surrounding every car accident are unique, and the details of your accident will determine the damages you might claim. However, before any monetary judgment can take place, there must be proof of liability. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Orange County can be a valuable asset in your corner.

Legal counsel can assess all aspects of the accident and the details of your injuries to establish negligence and determine liability. The attorney can assist with gathering the necessary medical documentation and proof of financial losses before drafting documented claims to present to the court in pursuit of recovery of economic and non-economic damages.

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