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A seemingly normal day can take a quick turn for the worst if you are suddenly involved in a car accident. Not only do motor vehicle accidents often lead to property damage, but they can also cause serious, debilitating injuries. In fact, the cost of automobile accidents from an economic standpoint is an estimated $277 billion every year -- or about $897 per person in the United States -- and about 1.6 million car accidents in the United States back in 2012 involved injuries.

Sometimes, motor vehicle collisions in California are the result of the carelessness of another driver on the road. If a fellow motorist has caused you to suffer one of several types of common car accident injuries -- due to speeding or driving while distracted, for example -- you have the right to seek justice.

Injuries to the head and back

Some of the most severe motor vehicle accident injuries are head injuries. If you are in a high-speed crash, you can easily hit your head against a window, the dashboard or the steering wheel, which may lead to brain injuries.

Injuries to the back are common as well, with spinal cord damage having the potential to cause major nerve damage. You might experience decreased sensation and control over various body parts, including your feet, legs, hands and arms.

A herniated disk may also plague you following an accident resulting from someone else's negligence. Although this type of injury is typically not as severe as a head injury or spinal damage, it can still lead to major health problems, including pain in your leg or arm, tingling sensations or muscle weakness.

Injuries to the chest and neck

A high-impact collision may also cause injuries to your chest. Specifically, blunt force trauma might cause your ribs to break and your lungs to collapse. Your internal organs, your abdomen and your pelvis may also suffer damage and thus require medical attention as soon as possible.

Whiplash, a relatively well-known automobile accident injury, may additionally plague your neck area if you suddenly move your neck and head during an accident -- for example, in a rear-end crash. Doctors characterize this type of injury by swelling and generalized pain in the neck area.

Fortunately, if a car accident due to another motorist's carelessness has caused you injuries, you may seek compensation. A monetary award cannot undo the events leading to your accident, but it may help you to address medical expenses, the loss of wages and other losses tied to these types of motor vehicle collisions.

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