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Has a traumatic brain injury impacted your life?

Your brain serves as one of the most important parts of your body. It controls your abilities to carry out the majority of your functions and essentially live your life. When an issue arises with your brain, you could suffer considerably negative impacts, and your life could change significantly. Unfortunately, a sudden event could easily result in your suffering brain damage.

Because each brain injury that occurs can have different effects and cause different damage, any brain injury you suffer would have unique factors. Additionally, the ways in which you could handle the resulting outcomes could depend on the specific circumstances of your predicament. Because this type of event can cause substantial challenges, you may also have reason to consider seeking compensation for those damages.

How do brain injuries occur?

A variety of scenarios could result in a brain injury. Over 40 percent of these injuries occur due to falls. Additionally, over 14 percent of traumatic brain injuries take place due to car accidents. Other events that could lead to such a severe injury include hitting your head on an object or an object striking your head. Assaults could also cause such harm in certain circumstances.

How do injuries affect the brain?

Due to the numerous nerve tracts and different sections of the brain, the impacts of a brain injury could depend on where the injury occurs. Nonetheless, because your brain controls your ability to breathe, process thoughts, move your body and other functions, any negative effects could prove quite severe. Damaged nerve tracts could result in your brain losing the ability to transmit signals to other parts of your body to carry out necessary functions.

The various parts of the brain control different systems, and each brain injury could affect different portions of the brain. For instance, if an injury occurs to the frontal lobe of the brain, you could see decreased or lost ability when it comes to concentrating, speaking or controlling emotions. You could also potentially have personality and behavioral changes.

Additionally, the severity of damage could impact the exact negative outcomes.

Can you seek compensation for brain injury damages?

If you suffered a traumatic brain injury or have a loved one who suffered such an injury, you may have reason to seek compensation. Filing a personal injury claim could allow you to take legal action against the individual considered at fault for the accident that resulted in the serious injury.

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