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Following an injury incident, how can I protect myself legally?

The moments after you have suffered a motor vehicle accident or a slip-and-fall accident in California can naturally be stressful and confusing. In addition to being in pain due to a resulting injury, you may be worried about the final cost of addressing such an injury.

Sometimes a slip-and-fall incident or car accident occurs as a result of the negligence of another party, such as a business property owner or another driver respectively. In these situations, taking the right steps at the accident scene is paramount to protecting your best interests in the event you choose to seek justice through the civil court system down the road.

Right after your accident

Following your accident, looking after your medical condition is the most important step you can take. However, after you have done this, collecting evidence from the accident scene that points to the party who caused your injuries is paramount. Taking photographs can especially be helpful in this regard.

Gathering the names of all witnesses who might have seen the accident can be helpful, too. After getting their contact information along with their names, contacting them after the accident might be beneficial to confirm that you have the right information. When speaking with anybody regarding the accident, taking notes regarding the conversation may also be valuable.

Next, writing down all that happened to you following the incident is important. This might include any hospital visits you had to make, any medical bills you accrued and any lost wages you suffered due to being unable to return to work for an extended period of time.

Filing a suit

If you think you may file a lawsuit against the party who reportedly caused your injury, notifying this party of your intent to sue as soon as you can is important, as this prevents the other person from defending against your suit by asserting that you took too long to tell him or her about your injuries.

To prevail in a personal injury lawsuit in California, competent proof of negligence is necessary. Once liability is established based upon a showing of negligence, a judge will decide claims for financial damages. In a successfully litigated claim, you may be awarded monetary compensation, which can help you to cover your hospital costs stemming from your injury-causing incident, as well as address pain and suffering resulting from the accident.

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