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Did your shopping trip end with a trip to the ER?

If you visit a restaurant or shopping mall in California, the responsibility for your safety lies with various people. For instance, if you own a home, and you have a party, the law obligates you to make sure your house, lawn and surrounding areas (steps, sidewalks, porches, etc.) remain free from debris or other hazards that could cause injuries to your guests. The law also requires business owners to do the same for you.

Every year, people throughout the United States suffer injuries while shopping. Many survive such incidents, but not usually without complications. From sprains and broken bones, to serious neck and back injuries, these types of mishaps often result in partial or full permanent disabilities.

Did an injury interrupt your shopping fun?

Fun shopping excursions can suddenly become emergencies when least expected. The most common types of injuries suffered while shopping include the following:

  • Toppling items: Many stores have displays or shelves near where customers walk. Items that suddenly fall off shelves or kiosks that topple over can cause serious head or bodily injuries.
  • Slips and falls: You've probably been in a store a time or two when a loudspeaker announcement calls for an employee to report to a certain aisle in the store to clean-up a spill. Wet floors or debris lying around can cause someone to fall and suffer a sprained or broken limb or a severe neck or back injury.
  • Human stampede: In recent years, there have been stories of people trampling others while waiting in line for stores to open when grand sales occur.
  • Poor parking lot conditions: Rain, snow, ice, etc., pose significant hazards if not properly cleared for customers to navigate parking lots on foot and in their vehicles.

The negligence of store owners often leads to shopping accidents. Just as you take on an obligation to keep houseguests safe when they visit you, so too are proprietors responsible to make sure nothing on their premises places you or other customers in harm's way. Injuries suffered from a bad fall or heavy object tumbling from a high shelf, etc. do not always heal overnight. Those injured often need multiple medical visits to achieve full recoveries. Such care is expensive and places undue financial hardship on a shopping injury victim.

California personal injury attorneys routinely help people in such situations. They understand premises liability laws and can review your situation to determine whether a party or parties violated their duty to keep you safe and bear legal responsibility for your injuries.

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