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California law updated to address cellphone use while driving

In this day and age of the Smartphone with all of the available features that make life simpler, it also causes drivers to pay less attention to what is going on around them. The good news is: The hands-free ban has been updated recently in California.

All cellphone use is banned, both handheld and hands free, for California bus drivers and drivers under the age of 18. Other options exist to use a cellphone that are permissible including using a speaker phone, using a wired headset or a Bluetooth wireless device or installing a car kit that is hands free.

Texting while driving law

While only certain drivers are prohibited from using their cellphones while driving at all times, all California drivers are prohibited from any form of texting while driving, including instant messages and email on their phones. They may not read, write, edit or send any type of text communication. Drivers are also banned from selecting or entering a phone number or name for the purpose of sending a phone call.

Police enforcement

Use of a cellphone while driving is a primary violation and officers can pull over a minor that is under 18 years old just for this. Adult drivers over the age of 18 can be pulled over for breaking a different law and then also be charged for using a cellphone while driving as a secondary offense.

These laws were put into effect to save lives of all drivers and passengers that are on public roadways. Just the slightest amount of time that it takes to glance down at your phone is enough time to cause a very serious accident and injure yourself, your passengers or others. If you need to check a message or make a call, wait until it is safe to pull over and stop your car before doing so. This action may use a minute or so of your time, but it can save a world of hurt for someone.

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