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Costa Mesa Personal Injury Blog

Uninsured Motorist Insurance -- for when you least expect a crash

Did you know you could prevent the financial consequences of a crash with a driver who has no auto insurance, or not enough insurance, to cover your damages? Orange County drivers must take out a mandatory minimum level of auto insurance, and they may add additional coverage for uninsured and underinsured liability. Although California law requires all motorists to carry auto insurance, many drivers have only the minimum amount of insurance while others choose to drive without any liability protection.

If you are in an accident that resulted from the negligence of another party, his or her insurance might cover your damages even if that person has no money. Similarly, if you are at fault, your insurance may cover the costs of any injured victims.

How to unleash legal resources to seek recovery after a dog bite

There's ample evidence that owning dogs, or at least interacting with them, can be very beneficial in a variety of ways. There are even dogs that receive training to provide health-related support or encourage emotional healing following traumatic incidents.

Still, dogs are dogs; more specifically, they are animals, as in -- non-human. You have no way of knowing how a particular dog is going to react in a particular situation at any given time. When dogs are untrained, frightened or protecting their perceived territory, their natural inclination is to bite. 

Fatal California crashes increased at more than double the nation

When you get in your car to drive to work in the morning or take your kids to school, you're likely thinking of what lies ahead: errands to run, chores to do and places you need to stop throughout the day. The last thing you're probably mulling over is your chances of getting into a serious car accident that day. Unfortunately, that possibility is not as remote as it should be.

A recent report by the National Safety Council shows that the number of victims of fatal car wrecks in California is increasing at an alarming rate, despite a decline in highway deaths in at least 12 other states. Last year's estimates showed California's automobile accident fatalities rose at more than double the national rate. So, what is leading to this upsetting increase, and is there anything you can do to help keep you and your loved ones safe on the roads of Orange County?

Look out for these human hazards while driving in California

Are you suffering the consequences of a car accident that resulted from another person's negligence? Mounting medical bills, lost wages and other losses may be overwhelming. Considering the numbers of people who are injured or killed in car accidents in California every year, you could view automobiles as a risk to the health and safety of all.

Although vehicle and road safety has improved significantly over the last century, the same may not apply to many drivers. Reportedly, human error is one of the primary causes of road accidents. For this reason, your safety on the road may not depend only on your careful driving but rather on your ability to avoid other, less cautious drivers.

The most common types of soft-tissue injuries in car accidents

Each day, millions of people in the United States enter the roadways to get to workplaces, schools, stores and other destinations. Thus, it is not surprising that car accidents occur on a daily basis.

Some crashes in California are minor, whereas others may be more severe, leading to major property damage and severe injuries suffered by the individuals involved. In many cases, your injuries may result from the carelessness of a fellow driver on the road. One of the most frequently occurring types of injuries are soft tissue injuries.

Fight for your health following motor vehicle collisions

A seemingly normal day can take a quick turn for the worst if you are suddenly involved in a car accident. Not only do motor vehicle accidents often lead to property damage, but they can also cause serious, debilitating injuries. In fact, the cost of automobile accidents from an economic standpoint is an estimated $277 billion every year -- or about $897 per person in the United States -- and about 1.6 million car accidents in the United States back in 2012 involved injuries.

Sometimes, motor vehicle collisions in California are the result of the carelessness of another driver on the road. If a fellow motorist has caused you to suffer one of several types of common car accident injuries -- due to speeding or driving while distracted, for example -- you have the right to seek justice.

When distracted driving veers your way

One of the baseline recommendations for safe driving is to keep your eyes on the road. Unfortunately, not every driver heeds this warning. Perhaps you have been the victim of a car accident in which the driver was texting or otherwise not paying attention. You might even be the family member of a person who died because of an injury that resulted from an accident caused by distracted driving. It is sad to think that the damage and heartache caused by many of these accidents was preventable.

Personal injury lawsuits for these incidents are on the rise due to the sharp increase in inattentive drivers. Nowadays, nearly everyone has a smartphone, and the temptation to use them while driving can be strong. Of course, distracted diving isn't just texting, as there are a myriad of other ways to be preoccupied. New legislation can go some of the way to prevent these types of accidents, but if the worst happens and you or a loved one becomes a victim, it is important to remember that you have rights.

Has a traumatic brain injury impacted your life?

Your brain serves as one of the most important parts of your body. It controls your abilities to carry out the majority of your functions and essentially live your life. When an issue arises with your brain, you could suffer considerably negative impacts, and your life could change significantly. Unfortunately, a sudden event could easily result in your suffering brain damage.

Because each brain injury that occurs can have different effects and cause different damage, any brain injury you suffer would have unique factors. Additionally, the ways in which you could handle the resulting outcomes could depend on the specific circumstances of your predicament. Because this type of event can cause substantial challenges, you may also have reason to consider seeking compensation for those damages.

Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic and ... Road Rules?

Now that school is back in session in California, your morning commute probably just got a whole lot busier. Whether you're a parent hoping to keep your little ones safe as you drop them off at school or you're just trying to make it to work on time, the roads are suddenly much more congested.

Between the stops and starts of school buses picking up riders, hurried carpool drivers trying to drop off passengers and an increased number of pedestrians as parents walk little ones to school, it's one traffic hazard after another. While you cannot possibly predict every set of dangerous circumstances, there are some guidelines you can follow to keep yourself, your passengers and pedestrians as safe as possible.

Taken a fall from the climbing wall? You may have a lawsuit

Climbing walls are a popular attraction in gyms, play areas and recreational sports locations. Climbing walls are generally safe, though sometimes a user can end up with an injury related to using one. If you become injured, you may be wondering when it is appropriate to sue for personal injury, and what your options are in Orange County for this type of personal injury lawsuit.

After your injury, you may be asking yourself exactly who is responsible. You may be thinking, should the facility be responsible, is there an equipment defect, or is it my own fault? These are important distinctions for any pending personal injury lawsuit.