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Costa Mesa Personal Injury Blog

A bike crash doesn't have to send your world crashing down

You love cycling -- after all, it can be an excellent way to get some exercise and save on gas costs. Unfortunately, if you ride your bike around a negligent vehicle driver, you may end up suffering injuries in an accident.

A bike crash can easily lead to serious if not fatal injuries. Fortunately, if a motorist has injured you due to careless behavior behind the wheel, you have the right to seek to hold him or her accountable through the California civil court system.

A police report may prove invaluable following a car crash

If you are injured in a car wreck, the most important step you can take is to seek medical treatment if necessary. The second-most important step is to contact police.

Once you call police to the scene of your injury car crash, they will produce a report on the details of the crash. If your crash-related injuries were the result of another driver's carelessness in California, getting a copy of the report may be immensely helpful in the event you decide to seek compensation for your injuries by filing a personal injury claim.

Understanding your rights after a dog attack

America has a love affair with dogs. People often treat their pets like members of the family, and more businesses are friendly to dogs. Many hotels, restaurants and retail stores do not turn away a pet owner whose dog is leashed or carried like a child.

Nevertheless, dogs are not people, and as much as society loves them, dogs are still animals with animal tendencies many humans do not understand. This is why almost 5 million people across the country suffer from dog bites each year, and California ranks number one among the states with the highest number of injuries from animal attacks. If you are among those hundreds whose encounter with a dog left you injured, you understand the effect it can have on your life.

Long-term brain injuries may develop in split-second car accident

When you set out on the highway to begin your day, you naturally believe that your day will be relatively ordinary. However, you quickly find yourself with a pounding headache after a car strikes your vehicle. All of a sudden, your day has become anything but ordinary as a result of a negligent fellow driver.

Brain injuries can easily occur in a California car accident, and unfortunately, they may disrupt your life both temporarily and long term. Here is a glimpse at what you need to know about brain injuries.

After a car accident, do I take the settlement or go to trial?

While going about your day, you found yourself once again on one of California's many busy highways. This time, your trip was a little different. This time, you were involved in an accident that left you seriously hurt. Broken but recovering, you are struggling physically, emotionally and financially. Then the responsible party's insurance provider calls and offers you a settlement. Do you take it?

It can be really tempting to take the initial offer and just move on with your life. Before you do, though, think big picture. Does that settlement cover all your losses? Will it be enough to pay for any care you need in the future, not just what you need now? If the answer to these questions is no, refusing may be in your best interest.

Take a drive in the shoes -- or the seat -- of a trucker

Do you suffer a twinge of anxiety if you have a big rig alongside, behind or ahead of you as you navigate the busy California highways? That is quite natural, considering the size and weight difference between your vehicle and an 18-wheeler or a tanker truck. Collisions between passenger vehicles and commercial trucks invariably end in catastrophic injuries or death.

There is a love-hate relationship between truckers and passenger vehicle drivers. You have to love them for carting all your favorite merchandise to keep the shelves at your favorite stores stocked, but you might hate them for slowing down traffic and causing you to be late for appointments. However, seeing the problems from the view of truck drivers may help you to be more considerate -- who knows, it might even save your life.

Important elements in a slip-and-fall case

No one is immune from taking a tumble now and then. Most often, you get back up with little more damage than a scrape or bruise. Occasionally, you may crack your elbow or twist your ankle. The incident may even become something you laugh about as time goes by.

However, slip-and-fall accidents also have the potential for causing critical injuries. A hard fall onto your back, head or stomach can result in life-changing or life-threatening injuries, such as brain trauma, spinal cord damage or internal bleeding. Even if the fall occurred in a public place or on someone else's property, you may be tempted to shrug it off as your own clumsiness or just bad luck. However, under certain conditions, the owner or manager of the property may carry some liability.

Has your crash caused long-term pain and suffering?

Car accidents in Orange County happen frequently, and although there can be a variety of factors that cause crashes, negligence of some sort is often to blame. If you have to cope with the consequences of a distracted or impaired driver's actions, you may have questions about the recovery you may seek.

Car accident victims may typically pursue recovery of medical expenses, lost income and other financial losses. However, pain and suffering could form a significant part of your damages, but how would you quantify it?

What damages are legally recoverable after car accident injuries?

Drivers in Orange County and the rest of California are always at risk of suffering injuries in collisions in intersections, T-bone crashes, rear-end accidents and crashes that involve red light or stop sign violations. If you have suffered injuries in an accident that resulted from the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to seek recovery of damages.

When you pursue financial relief through the civil justice system, you can claim recovery of both economic and non-economic damages. Furthermore, you may be eligible to recover future medical costs, and your loved ones might even be able to seek recovery.

Are you ready for a battle over a denied insurance claim?

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences, regardless of the level of injuries or damage that result. Having to deal with insurance companies could make it even more challenging. If you feel that the insurers have everything but your interests at heart, you will probably be right. After all, their goal is to get more money coming in than what they pay out, and denying claims is how they do it.

If you were in a crash in Orange County that followed negligent driving by another person, you are entitled to file an insurance claim with that driver's insurance provider. However, despite following the right steps, the insurer denied your claim -- what now?