Recall of Popular Space Heater Highlights Common Household Danger

The Consumer Product Safety Council issued a recall on Wednesday, August 22nd for a popular brand of space heater, alleging the $30 "Vornado Personal Vortex" heaters can overheat and cause fire and burn hazards. Over 350,000 units are included in the recall, including all Vornado VH101 Personal Vortex sold from August 2009 to March 2018 in a variety of retailers. The recall was caused by the death of a 90 year old man in Chanhassen, Minnesota due to a fire caused by one of these heaters.

This recall highlights an extremely common, and occasionally deadly, household hazard. Space heaters and electric blankets are common in many houses, especially in colder climates, yet few realize how dangerous defective or damaged units can be. These products generate heat by passing a large amount of electricity through a heating element. When parts of the electrical circuit are damaged, old, or defective, they can easily spark or overheat, causing fires or burns to the handler. Especially at risk are seniors, who often rely on these heaters but have difficulties seeing damaged parts or getting out of a house fire if needed. It's important that family members of independent seniors ensure any space heaters or electric blankets in the house are in good working order, do not have frayed wires or damaged components, and are not under recall.

Additional information about the Vornado recall can be found at the CPSC website here. If you or a loved one has experienced property damage or personal injury from a malfunctioning space heater or electric blanket, Injury Recovery Group can help. Please call us at 310-893-0062 for a free consultation.