Know Your Rights After A Dog Bite

Dog bites can result in severe injuries and long-term damage. At the Injury Recovery Group, our attorneys advocate for victims of dog bites in Costa Mesa, Orange County and throughout California.

We Understand The Impact Of Dog Bites

We know the impact a dog bite can have on you or your loved one's life. We've seen the trauma caused by these attacks and know the pain, anguish and turmoil you feel. It can be difficult to know what to do after being injured. We can help. We will help you get proper medical care and walk you through your legal options to maximize compensation to help pay for the physical and emotional damage caused by an attack.

Victims of dog bites can suffer severe injuries, including scarring, disfigurement and loss of movement depending on the nature and severity of the injury. These injuries can also require costly medical treatment and long-term care. This is why you need a zealous advocate on your side.

Helping You Pursue Legal Action

You can file a claim after a dog bite even if it occurred outside of the owner's property. This includes if you were attacked walking down the street or on the beach. As long as we are able to properly identify the dog and its owner, a claim may be possible.

Dog bite cases are complicated, but we are up for the challenge. We will need to prove that the animal attack happened without any provocation. We know how to evaluate these claims and work diligently to obtain evidence to use in your case.

We have extensive trial experience. We know how to prepare a strong case. Just as important as having litigation skills is knowing how to negotiate with the other side when it is in our client's best interests. We will do whatever we can to maximize your compensation while protecting your future.

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Our lawyers have always been advocates for victims. We are committed to helping you understand your legal rights and to providing personal service and attention every step of the way.

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