Representing Victims Of Bus Accidents

The Injury Recovery Group in Costa Mesa represents victims injured in bus accidents in Orange County and throughout California. Our attorneys are dedicated to handling every aspect of your claim. This means you will work directly with skilled attorneys throughout your case. We know how to advocate for your rights and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Take Action Right Away After An Accident

Bus accident claims require swift action. You only have six months to file a claim against a public entity after an accident. This includes claims against transportation companies in Orange County like the Metrolink.

Do not wait to contact us if you were injured in a bus accident. Speak to us about your legal options right away.

We understand the requirements of filing a claim and how to effectively protect your rights. Your injuries are serious, and you deserve to have your claim handled by a firm who will give you the compassion, attention and professionalism you deserve.

Whether you have been injured in an accident involving a Metro bus in Los Angeles, the OCTA or any other type of public transportation, we are here to help. Our lawyers are passionate about your case because we have seen the difference we can make in our clients' lives.

How Can We Help You?

Your life may forever be changed after a crash. We are here to make sure your rights and future are protected. Our commitment to you is sincere. Learn more about how we can help you and what to expect at our first meeting by exploring our website.

Learn about your rights and how we can help you. Schedule a free consultation by calling 310-893-0062 or send us an email. We speak Spanish and Farsi.